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The Best Mortgage Firm in Ocala & Gainesville – What to Look For

November 29, 2021

The Best Mortgage Firm in Ocala & Gainesville – What to Look For

If you are a first-time homebuyer, you may feel overwhelmed or confused about the process and the key players necessary to ensure that it all goes right. There are a few people who make up your home buying dream team, including your local mortgage lender and realtor. 

But what qualities should you look for in these essential people? Read on to learn what your lender and realtor should have in common to provide you with the most seamless experience possible as you journey toward buying your new home.  

Your North Florida Lender and Realtor Should Have These in Common


Both your mortgage lender and your realtor should have experience in their industries. Further, they should have relevant experience working with customers who have obtained the same kind of loan you will have for your new home. So, whether you are seeking a VA, FHA, FDA, or conventional loan, your team should know exactly how to tailor their guidance to help you through the home buying process expertly. 


With all of the moving parts associated with buying a home, your local lender and realtor must stay organized and keep track of all the necessary paperwork that goes with each stage of the loan process. If they aren’t and a single detail is missed, it could derail your entire deal and ruin your chances of being successful in buying your new home. 


Whether you have ever purchased a home before or not, chances are you have heard about how circumstances can change quickly, affecting anything from inspections to appraisals, to name just a few. Having a lender and realtor who are available beyond regular business hours can make all the difference in being able to salvage your deal and walk away with the keys to your dream home. 


Many people walk away from a home buying experience feeling like they have been through combat due to the roller coaster of emotions, steps they did not understand, and not feeling supported by their home buying team. A worthy lender and realtor will do whatever they can to save you from stress by being open and honest about each step of your home buying process. They recognize that this is likely the most significant investment you will make in your lifetime and will treat you as they would want to be treated if they were in your shoes. 

Continuous Learning 

A great lender and realtor will also be committed to staying on top of changes in their industries. A lender has to be abreast of changes to mortgage rates and conditions, so they can recommend the options that work best for your unique situation. Similarly, a realtor needs to know the status of housing inventory and what areas are growing and appreciating, among many other things. 


You will have and ask lots of questions of your lender and realtor during the home buying process — as you should. Make sure you choose people who not only do not mind questions but welcome them. And, it’s even better if they ask you many questions as well to better understand your needs, financial situation, and goals for your home purchase so they can best help you get there. 


This is perhaps the most important quality your lender and realtor can have. You need people on your side who are not trying to make a sale but rather who care about getting the loan and home that serve you best. This may mean pivoting and having to trust them if you had your heart set on certain things, but they will not be your best option in the end. You need a lender and realtor who will care enough about your satisfaction to do what is best for you and your family. 

Your Home Buying Dream Team Starts at The Mortgage Firm

At The Mortgage Firm North Central Florida, we have served first-time and seasoned home buyers since 2017 through a commitment to accessibility, honesty, and transparency. Backed by one of the top-rated mortgage companies in the US, we pride ourselves on being a local team that works together and is available after hours to support you. 

Even better, we have built trusted relationships with realtors and other professionals in our area, so we are well-equipped to partner with them in getting you in the home of your dreams in the most enjoyable way possible. Contact us today to get started on your home buying journey.