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About Brian

Education: Graduated from University of Florida with a degree in Sports & Exercise Science

Experience: 15+ years of field experience

Brian’s favorite part of his job:I love helping to guide nice and prepared people that are buying a new home, and especially first-time homeowners and veterans. The excitement for the first-time owners is so neat to see.”

Fun fact: Brian was a pre-school teacher before getting into the mortgage industry.

NMLS 197346

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Our Mission & Values

To better our communities by helping people begin a new chapter of their life with confidence and excitement.

Rip Off the Band-Aid

Full transparency and clear expectations are essential for our success and the success of our clients. This is not always easy and there will definitely be times where the honest route is not the most comfortable—neither is ripping off a band-aid—it hurts for a moment but saves you a lot of pain in the end

Take Away Uncertainty

The best possible outcome for our clients is that they walk away feeling educated, informed, and excited. If a customer gets the home they wanted and would feel confident doing it again, we’ve done our job.

Go Hard, Be Nice

We love closing deals and meeting goals but never at the expense of our clients’ or team members' trust. We are known for our empathy and patience in a process that feels unfamiliar to most people. So, we aim high and are ambitious, but we make sure we are putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers, their realtors, and coworkers first.

Think Outside the Box

Our customers are best served when we offer new and creative solutions to their challenges. This means we ask good questions, remain curious, and stay open-minded. These are the things that separate us from the average.

Act Like Family

In an industry that is known for being cut-throat, we differentiate ourselves by having each other's backs. This means taking responsibility and doing what we can do so it doesn’t fall on someone else and also pitching in when someone needs a hand. Our culture is positive, fun, collaborative, and helpful—like the family you always wanted.